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Man & Woman of the Year Campaign

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Man & Woman of the Year campaign is a national ten-week campaign to raise funds to help find cures for blood cancers. The campaign includes individuals in the community who agree to utilize their leadership abilities and resources to conduct their own fundraising campaigns to help The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society fund blood cancer research and provide education and support services for patients and their families.

The male and female candidates who raise the most funds during the campaign will be awarded the title of the chapter's Man & Woman of the Year. Candidates are judged solely on their success in raising money, each dollar counting as one vote. Their totals are then considered for the national title. Candidates run in honor of the Boy & Girl of the Year, who are local blood cancer patient survivors and sources of inspiration to others.

The San Antonio and Austin campaigns have broken records the last two years which has propelled the South Central Texas chapter to #1 in the nation in funds raised.

Saturday June 10, 2017

10K in 10 Days
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