4th Show of Digg's Summer Music Series benefitting

Texas Heroes for Hunters

San Saba Chapter



08.19.17 | Doors Open: 6:30 PM | Music Starts: 8:00 PM
$15 Entry | Tickets picked up at door
DIGGS Restaurant & Club | 1035 E US Highway 190, San Saba, TX

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Texas Heroes for Hunters - San Saba Chapter

Our goal is to show them respect, honor, compassion, and above all, love for our fellow man through the fellowship and the excitement we hunter’s share each time we go hunting. Through this we hope to assist in their rehabilitation and re-integration into civilian life.

THH works with land owners & hunters to provide hunts for our wounded vets. Land owners and hunters are the largest conservation group in the U. S. and by having responsible hunting on the land, we foster healthy herds and help prevent starvation of animals.

For some, hunting is not enjoyable, but for many it is and it provides healthy meat for the family. Hunting and the comradery we have during our hunts has the goal of helping to rehabilitate our young heroes that have made a commitment to defend our freedom with everything they have & own, up to & including their lives. If for some reason you don't agree with what we are doing, create another organization to support our young heroes in the manner that you think is appropriate. We will never criticize anyone that makes an effort to support these young men & women.

Saturday August 19, 2017

DIGGS Restaurant & Club
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